The Stakeholders’ event hosted by the University of Zakho saw the participation of over 200 actors involved in education

The Stakeholders’ Event for the TeachersMOD project was led and hosted by the University of Zakho, on October 25, 2023, and was organized with the aim of sharing, presenting, and engaging in fruitful discussions. The structure of the event included different stakeholders participating in presentations and discussions across two roundtable panels. The Agenda is available here.

The main topics revolved around the primary aims of the TeachersMOD Project, with a specific focus on addressing the needs and actions related to the Colleges of Basic Education.

The event saw the participation of over 200 individuals from the university community, including students, academic staff members, relevant national authorities such as the Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of Education directors and advisors, as well as representatives from private schools and NGOs. In fact, one of the primary objectives of the TeachersMOD project is to enhance the quality of academic offerings in the College of Basic Education and improve graduates’ employability in this field, focusing on various key areas, including curriculum review, definition of learning outcomes, coordination between the university sector and primary schools, and engagement with the local society.

To know more about the event, consult the event page.