Next events

June 2024

Networking event

The Networking event serves for the Pedagogic Centres as a basis for discussion and comparison among them and their related needs, priorities, syllabus review and updated courses. It is hosted by the University of Duhok.

PAST events

1-2 March 2023

Kick-Off Meeting
The very first in-person meeting of the project, to kick off the activities, take the preliminary strategic decisions to run the project and discuss about expectations, roles, responsibility and for Partners to know each other well. It was hosted in Duhok by the University of Duhok.

13 April 2023

Consultative workshop
The consultative workshop was organized at the University of Halabja with key university staff members with the aim to present, discuss and consolidate the information collected during the benchmarking study and the needs analysis. It was crucial in gathering and deepening information on Basic Education Colleges and training needs in Kurdish universities

25 October 2023

Stakeholders' event
All the partners gathered at the University of Zakho, host of the event, with the goal to share, present and discuss about the action plans defined during the curricula review phase. The Stakeholder event saw the involvement of many different actors, from the Ministry of Higher Education and the Ministry of Education, as well as students and schools directors. More information and the Agenda of the event are available HERE.