TeachersMOD endorses the modernisation and enhancement of the quality of the teaching offer, by innovating teaching methodologies, through reviewing and updating curricula in humanities and social sciences and by reinforcing the competences of the university staff in adopting a student-centered learning approach in the Basic Education colleges in the HEIs from Kurdistan region of Iraq.

Key Objectives

To investigate the needs and the gaps about priorities, teaching methodologies and curricula in the HEIs in Kurdistan region of Iraq, through a benchmark study of EU and KRG good practices on teaching approaches, with the final aim of identifying needs and gaps;
To contribute improving the quality of the academic offer in the field of humanities and social sciences at the Basic Education Colleges of the Kurdish institutions through the review of curricula review and learning outcomes revision;
To enhance the quality of teaching in Basic Education by training and building the capacities of the academic staff and educators on new teaching methodologies;
To revitalize the pedagogic centers within each Kurdish beneficiary university by training its academic and administrative staff and by reviewing the training courses offered to the university community, and the way they outreach the civil society and local community.

Expected results

1 A thorough analysis of teaching methodologies, curricula, needs and gaps in the Kurdish Basic Education Colleges

2 A review of the curricula of Basic Education Colleges in Kurdish institutions, improving the quality of their academic offer in Humanities and Social Sciences

3 Improved capacities of the academic staff and educators of the Basic Education Colleges to use new and innovative teaching methodologies and approaches

4 A shared Action Plan between the Pedagogic centers in Kurdish universities to enhance their training offer and community outreach