Stakeholders’ Event at the University of Zakho

The TeachersMOD project organised the Stakeholders’ Event at the University of Zakho, Kurdistan region of Iraq, on October 25th 2023 from 09.30 to 13.30.


This event aimed to share, present and discuss about the Action Plans. Based on the results of the Benchmark study (WP2), the Kurdish universities coordinated by the University of Pavia and the University of Zakho, have joined forces to work on an Action Plan for the review of their courses and syllabi in the Colleges of Basic Education. The aim of this process is to equip KRG partner universities with strategies to enhance students’ engagement and the quality of the academic offer at the Colleges of Basic Education. University leaders and university community, relevant national authorities and students were invited to participate in the event to provide an opportunity for critical reflection on possible improvements.


The Agenda of the Stakeholders’ Event can be consulted here.


University of Zakho, Zakho, Kurdistan region of Iraq

Overview of the event

The Stakeholders Event for the TeachersMOD project was led and hosted by the University of Zakho, serving as the co-lead partner for the WP3 activities within the project Consortium. The event took place on October 25, 2023, in Zakho and was organized with the aim of sharing, presenting, and engaging in fruitful discussions. The structure of the event included different stakeholders participating in presentations and discussions across two roundtable panels. The main topics revolved around the primary aims of the TeachersMOD Project, with a specific focus on addressing the needs and actions related to the Colleges of Basic Education. The event saw the participation of over 200 individuals from the university community, including students, academic staff members, relevant national authorities such as the Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of Education directors and advisors, as well as representatives from private schools and NGOs. In fact, one of the primary objectives of the TeachersMOD project is to enhance the quality of academic offerings in the College of Basic Education and improve graduates’ employability in this field, focusing on various key areas, including curriculum review, definition of learning outcomes, coordination between the university sector and primary schools, and engagement with the local society.

Issues discussed during the Stakeholders Event

  • Ministry of Education: supporting Professional Development for teachers in elementary Schools.
  • Emphasis on developing students’ Soft Skills
  • Updating teaching tools and methods to link theory to practice and emphasize practical Training of Students at the College of Basic Education.
  • The role of Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in encouraging Lifelong Learning.
  • The main expectations from the student’s point of view in learning in Basic Education. Since the Bologna process adoption, the students should be at the centre of teaching, thus it is essential to put the needs, expectations, remarks and suggestions of the students regarding the College’s academic offer and teaching methodologies at the centre of the discussion. Debates also revolved around the following question: what are the main obstacles that students have in finding a job in this field?
  • The challenges beyond teaching, specifically, the need to deliver high-quality education that addresses the real needs of the local community. How do you envision addressing these challenges in the long-term future, and how do you anticipate TeachersMOD contributing through its action plan?
  • Sharing experiences from a school insider’s perspective. How do you envision the relationship between the education and higher education systems? Establishing effective communication is vital, fostering strong connections not only between primary school teachers in the local community and their university of reference but also among the teachers themselves and the local society.

Outcomes of the event

The outcomes of the Stakeholders Event, hosted at the University of Zakho, particularly at the College of Basic Education, were highly satisfactory. Through meticulous consideration and collaborative efforts, participants identified some key initiatives aimed at elevating the quality of education at the College of Basic Education:

  1. Organizing Job Fair, once each year, with a particular focus on the College of Basic Education. This initiative aims to connect students with potential employers, companies, private schools, and provide them with valuable opportunities for internships and future employment.
  2. Involving Stakeholders in Syllabi and Programs: We strongly believe that involving stakeholders in the process of organizing syllabi and programs at the College of Basic Education is crucial. By incorporating their valuable insights and expertise, we can ensure that the education provided aligns with the needs of the industry and society.
  3. Student Participation: Recognizing the importance of student involvement, we aim to empower our students to actively participate in organizing and updating syllabi and programs. This initiative will not only give students a sense of ownership but also equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to contribute effectively to the quality of the academic offer at the Colleges of Basic Education.
  4. Suggestions to the Ministry of Education and Higher Education: Need to update contents of the syllabi. By providing constructive suggestions, we aim to contribute to the continuous improvement of the education system.
  5. The Pedagogical Unit: As a result of the TeachersMOD project will organize training sessions for academic staff at the College of Basic Education, focusing on enhancing their skills and knowledge. By providing them with the necessary tools, we can ensure the delivery of high-quality education that meets the needs of our students.