WP2 Benchmark study of teaching methodologies in HEIs partners from Europe and Kurdistan

T2.1 Benchmarking study

T2.2 Consultation workshop

T2.3 Report on the state of the art on teaching methodologies and curricula in the basic education colleges at the HEIs in Kurdistan

WP3 Curricula review through the definition of an action plan

T3.1 Curricula review through action plan definition

T3.2 Learning outcomes and curricula mapping

T3.3 Stakeholders’ event

WP4 Teacher and Staff training

T4.1 Field visits for teaching and training staff

T4.2 Local training workshop on teaching methodologies

T4.3 Training workshop on teaching methodologies for elementary schools’ children with disabilities

T4.4 Training handbook on teaching methodologies for basic education and MOOC production

WP5 Revitalisation of the Pedagogic centers at each HEIs in Kurdistan region

T5.1 Review of the Pedagogic centers’ syllabus

T5.2 Upskilling the Pedagogic centers staff

T5.3 Training of trainees (ToT)

T5.4 Networking event for the 5 pedagogic centers

T5.5 Definition of a shared action plan from the five pedagogic centers